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"It's been amazing to feel the audience reaction to Bones of Crows as almost having its own life force. As a filmmaker you hope that your story will have a life of its own once it is complete but with Bones of Crows I feel it has ignited a dialogue with audiences and they are not only ready to receive it but need and want to engage in a way that is bigger than we could have imagined." 

Marie Clements, Writer, Producer, Director of Bones of Crows

Community Screenings

For Canadian community screening requests as well as educational and institutional inquiries to screen in your community please fill out the form below. 

For school groups to see films in the theatre, please see our group bookings page.


“We cannot rest until we bring our little ancestors home, so they can rest, and their families can have closure. We need to continue to talk about the history of residential school and the ongoing intergenerational trauma... I would like to thank our allies that continue to stand beside us. Please continue the conversation of Truth and Reconciliation.”

Sonya Rock, survivor from Prince George

“Bones of Crows presents an opportunity to look through [the] lens of Indigenous peoples in a manner that connects the dots of so many chapters of our past, highlighting numerous injustices, life altering experiences and the physical and mental abuse and resulting scars. I believe Bones of Crows is a gateway to the conversations required to advance a true truth and reconciliation relationship with all Canadians."

Derrick Shaw, Principal Valemount Secondary School

“Bones of Crows was a powerful and emotional viewing... It brings us all closer as a community to help support and heal one another as we battle the demons that our friends and family have had to endure.” 

Tando Dwyer, community organizer, Old Massett (Haida Gwaii) 

The film is based on actual events of colonial violence and trauma that many Indigenous people have experienced, including the removal of children. Some of these scenes may be upsetting or triggering, particularly for direct or intergenerational survivors of Residential Schools in the audience.

We honour your experience.

The National Residential School Crisis line is 1-866-925-4419 and is available 24 hours a day.