Bones of Crows is the first Indigenous and female-led, produced, written, and directed scripted mini-series and feature film about the residential school experience in North America. Bones of Crows features over 60 cast members that represent five generations of Indigenous performers and over 50 Indigenous crew behind the scenes. Some of Canada’s most outstanding Indigenous and non-Indigenous talent came together to tell a story that represents not only our country’s history, but our shared history.

Bones of Crows was shot in fifty-eight days on the traditional territories of twelve different Nations. From its earliest stages of development, the production followed the On-Screen Protocols & Pathways as set out by the ISO and imagineNATIVE. We worked with communities, Nations, band councils, translators, cultural keepers, and traditional and non-traditional artists to provide support and a united vision through every scene and every frame of this story. Bones of Crows features Cree and Tla’amin Nations on screen and is available in English, Cree and French.

Behind the Scenes Photos