Father Jacob

With his impressive track record, Rémy Girard has a rich and abundant career. On stage, he delivered remarkable interpretations of many great characters. He was seen in Coriolan, La leçon and Qu’est-ce qu’on a fait au bon dieu? among others. On TV, he was part of the cast of Portrait-robot, Les Mutants, L’échappée, Barkskins, 30 vies, Ti Mé Show, D., La petite vie and Scoop and so many more TV series. He also played the inimitable Papa Bougon in the cult series Les Bougon, c'est aussi ça la vie, and on the big screen in Votez Bougon, as well as Stan, the coach and spiritual father in Les Boys I, II, III and IV. In addition, Rémy Girard proves that he also masters comedy in English, in the Canadian series InSecurity I and II broadcast on the CBC. In 2023, we will see him in Bones of Crows, on CBC and Radio-Canada. 

On the silver screen, in addition to Incendie (D. Villeneuve), Cabotins (A. Desrochers), De père en flic (É. Gaudreault), Les sept jours du Talion (Podz), Le grand départ (C. Meunier), Le piège américain (C. Binamé), Bluff (Marc-André Lavoie and Simon-Olivier Fecteau), Maurice Richard (C. Binamé), Les invasions barbares (D. Arcand) and Un homme et son péché (C. Binamé), he played in the movies Les Boys I, II, III, IV (L. Saia), La Florida (G. Mihalka), Dans le ventre du dragon (Y. Simoneau), Le déclin de l'empire américain and La chute de l’empire américain (D. Arcand), Il pleuvait des oiseaux (Louise Archambault), Tu te souviendras de moi (Éric Tessier) and Vinland (Benoit Pilon).