Production Designer

Building worlds is what drives James Philpott’s design work. He is an award winning Production Designer based out of Vancouver. After completing his bachelor’s degree in Art and Art History from U of T, James worked in the fashion industry for several years before completing a degree in Architecture at UBC. He has integrated all these disciplines into his work over the past 30 years as a production designer. He is most noted for his work on the award winning series Smallville and The 100 with his work on Smallville receiving several Leo awards.


James Philpott is known for his meticulous and grand world building. He believes that a fully realized world sets the tone of a story and facilitates more immersive acting performances. James blends his background in aesthetics with thorough technical grounding in Construction and VFX. He understands that production design is the art of building the world that a story is told in.

Working on Bones of Crows was an incredible honour for James. He is grateful to have the opportunity to bring Marie's powerful story to life and to collaborate and learn from the Indigenous communities involved on the project.