ᒋ ᑲ ᐗᑲᑌᔦᐠ

Episode 1: To Be Starved

Cree piano prodigy Aline Spears and her siblings are taken from their family and forced into residential school. Now a WWII code talker, Spears and her husband confront the spectres of their pasts.


Grace Dove, Phillip Forest Lewitski, Rémy Girard, Karine Vanasse, Michelle Thrush, Glen Gould, Summer Testawich, Sierra Rose Mcrae, Ethan Evans, Payne Merasty, Jonathan Whitesell, John Tench, Josh Sanders, Jonathan Connelly, Gerald Auger, Daryll Laboucan, Connor Alook-Oar, Ruth Peters, Shannon Baker, Cameron Fraser Monreo, Tahmoh Penikett, Kindall Charters, Tim Beckmann, Jeff Gladstone, Alexey Grammer, Guy Castonguay, Brett Harris

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